Posted on March 26, 2011


In early March, I visited my friend Johannes for a 3 day weekend holiday in Vienna, Austria. I arrived late in the evening on Thursday and was on my own for the majority of my first day and a half. Johannes had a hectic work schedule that week so I was on foot solo to travel the beautiful city. And what a beautiful city it was! I was entranced by the medieval architecture and stunning cityscape immediately. I felt as if I were traveling through a vintage Walt Disney creation. I loved the Viennese cuisine as well and feasted on a king’s banquet of  ribs and pork straight from the bone at a personal favorite nook of Johannes and his girlfriend Nora’s. We walked through the street markets for lunch and toured the city for the afternoon, taking in all the opulent sights I could stretch my vision to see. Vienna was a gem!

A few highlights include the tiergarten, Shonbrunn Palace, Stephensplatz, St. Stephen’s Cathedral and the Habsberg.