My Story

Inspired by my niece’s blog and encouraged by my internet savvy dad, I will be utilizing this web page to keep those close to me updated on my travels abroad. I couldn’t be more excited about the opportunity in front me! I officially take off for Milan, Italy on Sunday, January 9th, where I will be studying international business at the Universita Luigi Bocconi and working as professional model for the Urban Management Agency during the busy Spring fashion season. I will be updating the site regularly before and after I leave, so please check often and leave many comments 🙂

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  1. I’m your Mum’s “old” fly buddie..I live in Boston..
    Need to tell you how very excited and proud I am for you and, of you.
    This is an amazing opportunity for you in your life.
    My son, Justin, has been teaching ESL in So Korea for about 2-3 yrs. He just needed to get this done in his life and I believe it’s healthy, if that’s your gut feeling.
    Stay safe, take care of yourself and keep writing. You’ve done such a terrific job keeping up with this with all you have going on.
    I love what you write and look forward to living vicariously!

  2. Drewpy! This is awesome. You have a ton of followers and we are all very excited for you and very jealous of the amazing experience you are having. Please keep this updated with all of your adventures when you have time, and enjoy!


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